Prosthodontics & Dental Materials

The Department of Prosthodontics is well equipped with clinical and laboratory facilities like advanced ceramic equipments, casting and research laboratory, Implant section with scope for advanced surgeries, and adjustable articulators to name a few to give quality treatment to the patients. The mission of our department and its faculty is to educate dental students to be skilled and competent in the discipline of prosthodontics. In addition to the prosthodontic needs of the patient , students are trained to be able to understand and execute comprehensive care for their patients to achieve optimal oral health. Our Department provides community programs to promote equality in dental treatment and to provide quality dentures to the unprivileged. Our Department conducts continuing dental education programs(CDE) ,community Outreach programs(COP) , Hands on , Demonstration of usage of lab equipment and instruments is provided to the post graduate students and tour of department is conducted for undergraduate students to make them understand various techniques involved in prosthodontics. Sterilization, fumigation and maintenance of all equipment are kept on check. Overall , this department aims for the betterment of students and patients

Staff Details

S.No Staff Details Designation
1 Dr. Sunil.V.Dhaded Professor and HOD
2 Dr. Shalini Joshi Professor
3 Dr.Chandrashekar.S Professor
4 Dr. Priyanka Konin Reader
5 Dr.Amritha Chandran Assistant Professor
6 Dr.Sharmila JP Assistant Professor
7 Dr.Tanisha Kaulavkar Assistant Professor
8 Dr.Sanket Assistant Professor