Department of Orthodontics

In the department of Orthopedics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, we cater to all patients of different ages including infants ,children in primary dentition,mixed dentition,and permanent dentition,children suffering with cleft lip and palate ,teenagers ,adolescents and adults.

We provide different treatment modalities for different malocclussions or deformities including patients suffering from cleft lip and palate, Preventive Orthodontics for children before the malocclusion sets in; by patient education ,counseling with the help of audiovisual aids, models/mannequins and live demos. We do Interceptive Orthodontics treatment by delivering space maintainers, habit breaking appliances, Orthopedic appliances in the form of Headgears, Reverse pull Headgear, Chincup appliances and different myofunctional appliances for different age groups. We do Corrective Orthodontic treatment procedures by employing various treatment modalities such as Beggtherapy,Pre adjusted Edgewise therapy which consist of Metal brackets,Ceramic brackets and Self ligating brackets.

Treatment adjunctives in the form of Temporary Anchorage devices are being employed for guaranteed results. For adults we are using Lingual brackets and Clear aligners in order to meet their esthetic expectations. For adults with moderate to severe skeletal discrepancies, Orthognathic surgeries such as Lefort I ,Lefort II , BSSO surgeries ,Surgery First Approach(SFA) are planned in conjunction with conventional Orthodontic treatment. Ortho-Perio techniques such as Corticotomy,Pericision,and Lasers are employed for apt cases.

Staff Details

S.No Staff Details Designation
1 Dr. Vasudevan Professor and HOD
2 Dr. K Srinivas Kumar Reader
4 Dr. Krishna Chaitanya Reader
5 Dr. Salman Assistant Professor
6 Dr. M. Feroze Hussain Assistant Professor