Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgery

Description:- Our department has got well trained teaching staff with very good experience in academic and clinical side and non teaching staff, OT sister and attender. We have got a Minor oral surgery department where we do all the minor surgical procedures e.g biopsies, impactions, cyst enucleations etc, and we have Major Operation theatre with a centralized
oxygen, Boyle’s apparatus with halothane, patient monitoring devices and separate post- operative ward, to take care of major surgery patients for first 24 hours it also has medical emergency ward, which can take care of any kind of medical emergencies with all medical emergency drugs and first aid kit. We also have research lab where we do advanced research procedures for exclusive cases. We have in-patient ward attached to operation theatre where we monitor patient’s for 3 to 4 days before discharge. For students we have a undergraduate department with electrically operated dental chairs, where they get trained for all kind of extractions and other small procedures, and also we have a separate sterilization room for exodontias, Minor OT and Major OT. Department Museum is also present .

Staff Details

S.No Staff Details Designation
1 Dr.Praveen A H HOD and Professor
2 Dr.Mercy Assistant Professor